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LAZ Parking is proud to announce that overtime parking violations can now be paid same day directly at anyCALE pay station meter in the City of New Rochelle. This new technology developed by LAZ, CALE America andComPlus, has put the City of New Rochelle on the forefront of parking violation processing.

“Now there’s an easier way to pay an expired meter parking violation in New Rochelle. Even better, the fee is reduced from $25 to $10 if the violation is paid at the meter on the same day it’s issued. This exciting technology is part of our focus on customer service and continuous improvement of the City’s parking system”said Eric Siskind, LAZ Parking’s Regional Vice President for New York and New Jersey.

The implementation makes the City of New Rochelle the only city in the U.S. to offer people the option of paying their overtime parking tickets directly at any of the 50 CALE pay station meters citywide. “We are excited that cities like New Rochelle are able to utilize the powerful WebTerminal and WebOffice platform for multiple applications and receive more value for their investment,” commented Andreas Jansson,CALE’s Managing Director. 

Paul Vacca, New Rochelle’s Deputy Commissioner for Buildings and Parking noted, “We are happy to be able to offer our customers the ability to pay parking tickets at our pay-stations, and we are equally excited that we are using the enhanced technology to its fullest potential. This system will undoubtedly cut down on trips to city court while offering a reduced payment option. This was not an easy task to accomplish, however, LAZ and our vendors were able to make New Rochelle the only City in America to offer this feature and I am sure that other folks will follow our lead.

”Customers can now avoid a costly trip to Court to resolve ticket issues by simply paying the citation at the meter. “This unique capability represents the very best of technological integrations,” commented Stephen J. Hittman, Chief Operating Officer of ComPlus. “Customer service and payment compliance are crucial to our customers’ results and this exciting new feature provides a way to maximize both.” More information is available at www.newrochelleny.com/parking.