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As of today, November 5, 2015, our European partner company, VINCI Park, officially rebrands to become Indigo, launching the new brand and identity in its 14 countries and subsidiaries. This does not affect the LAZ Parking name or brand but we are extremely excited to share the news of our partners.

Why rebrand?
In a constantly changing world, with new mobility and parking needs that arrive each day, Indigo wants to show their clients and customers that they embrace change and can provide a service that adapts and transforms in line with their needs.  

Why Indigo? The word Indigo embodies mobility with the words “In & Go”! It also highlights proximity: “Individual going.” As a parking company, Indigo is a major player in providing a destination for individual mobility with cars, motorcycles, bikes and shared vehicles all ending their journey in one of their 2 million plus parking spaces. Furthermore, Indigo is international and is easily translated and understood across the globe. Check out their introductory video here.

Indigo’s positioning?
The most comprehensive and most advanced parking network dedicated to individual mobility. As a network with worldwide reach and close-knit coverage on the ground, with off-street and on-street parking as well as park sharing, they are able to address the needs of all market segments as they grow. 

As one can imagine, behind the scenes, the rebrand has been an incredibly huge undertaking. This project involved the changing of 65,000 signs, new uniforms for over 5,000 employees, 16 different websites to update and hundreds of materials, documents, and applications that required revisions across all 14 countries!   

LAZ Parking congratulates our European partners on their new brand. Formerly an entity of a major group, Indigo is now an entity of its own; one that has limitless potential, one that is 100% devoted to mobility, present and future, and one that promises to make parking a new experience.